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Smart Thermostat and Smart TRV in same room

One of my Smart Thermostats is in my son's bedroom (3 years old) and I can see from the graph that it comes on and off quite regularly and this could be waking him up due to the noise of the motor in the TRV. I suspect part of the issue is that the radiator is large and the room is in a Victorian house with average to poor insulation. As the radiator is large, I think the proximity of the TRV to the radiator means that it switches on and off too regularly. I am therefore thinking of putting an external smart thermostat in the same room away from the radiator. Is this likely to make a difference? If so, how would I link it to the TRV in this room and make it the primary reader of the temperature?

Any thoughts and suggestions very welcome.

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  • I had the same issue in a couple of rooms - adding a thermostat to the room completely resolved the issue....
    ... Albeit at quite a price!
    I have also found that mounting the TRV horizontally stops a lot of the on/off - presumably because the temperature sensor is then further away from the radiator.
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    You can apparently save a bit of money buy buying a TRV and using that as a thermostat. If you assign multiple TRVs to the same room, there should be a way in the app to select which one is the master.


  • Thanks both. I actually have a main Smart Thermostat which currently controls the hallway and landing which are old style rads and can't handle a Tado TRV. Thinking of just shifting that in a test given those radiators come on whenever the others do anyway.

  • Try the offset feature in the app rather than putting a room thermostat in, that’s an expensive option

  • Yeah tried that. I think the prob, as many have flagged, is that the TRV is so close to the radiator. It thinks the room is warmer even when it isn't.

  • So I have tried the Smart Thermostat and it makes a massive difference. The graph in my daughter's room has gone from a jagged tooth profile with the heating coming on and off a lot to a smooth graph with less usage.

    For info, I live in a Victorian Semi detached house with average insulation.

    It does beg the question whether the TRV's really work properly without an external sensor.

    Expensive to get another one!

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