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My water is not heating

As of today I do not appear to have hot water.


  • Hi @RhodaM

    There is are multiple reasons for this, so it is best to contact us directly for help: https://support-request.tado.com/#/contact?locale=en

    Best regards,


  • I have the same issue since this morning, no hot water. The boiler is turned on. But apart from that, I have NO WAY to check the status of the boiler or hot water request on the smart thermostat, it just shows the programmed temperature.

    Every decent traditional boiler thermostat has at least 3 icons on the display:

    • flame of the boiler on/off
    • hot water symbol on/off
    • radiator heating symbol on/off

    With those, you at lease know what's going and can do a basic diagnosis.

    tado, the really smart and expensive automated system, does not have ANY status symbol so when you call the boiler technician, first thing he asks the status of those when you request hot water in a bathroom. With tado I cannot give him this information, so he blames tado not governing the boiler correctly.

    Probably I'll be forced to reinstall the old boiler thermostat just to see where the problem is. This is totally unacceptable obviously. It doesn't look like a SMART system after all if it can't even give you basic information on the status of the boiler and heating/hotwater request from house users.

    I'd not recommend tado to anybody unless these basic problems are solved.

  • I have to agree with you alexdelprete, the hot water unit should at least show on the device what it is doing/seeing independent of the app.

    I can’t agree that tado should be avoided though, aside from some annoyances in setup, it’s been fantastic. Had it in two houses over last 5 years and I’d recommend it to anyone. But now hitting this problem I agree the unit needs to show an engineer what it is currently doing.
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