Set a default shut off time

My kids turn on the thermostats in their rooms and every time it defaults for stay on until they (or me) click resume schedule in the app.

I need some sort of over ride that shuts off after a specified time if they turn the on. Say, a option for the thermostat to run for a max of x minutes / hours that can only be adjusted by me
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  • Click on settings > rooms and devices > room > manual control
  • samd
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    Johnny's answer above is correct but, unless he knows something I don't, that would require you to revoke access to the app for your kids. Is that an option for you - they can turn on/off at the valve of course.

  • @samd

    I might be wrong but I suspect the "kids" are making the changes on the devices.......

  • So many app options for control, eg child lock or a set time period. Goes to show how the bright sparks can over-ride or hack your settings.

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    @GrayDav4276 "until they (or me) click resume schedule in the app."

  • @samd

    If that is what the OP meant.....then I stand corrected 👍