Simple fix for the smart TRVs

My smart radiator valves can’t heat a room without setting a large temperature offset due to the sensor being too close to the radiator.

This feature doesn’t work very well because when the radiator turns off tado thinks my room temperature plummets, and then instantly turns the radiator back on.

This seems to be a very common problem, and one that is very easy to fix with two temperature offsets. One setting for when the radiator is on, and one for when it’s off.
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  • samd
    samd ✭✭✭

    ...and while you are waiting (next decade?) try an Oventrop adapter:

  • Thank you samd! That’s a great bodge to fix something they should have fixed in software 2+ years ago! Adapters purchased.
  • wateroakley

    In our lounge, the TRV is on the riser pipe of a large rad by the sofa. We found the 'offset' hysteris is as you describe. The fix was to fit a wireless room stat; easy to do and SWMBO is happy. In contrast, the dining room has a vertical rad with the TRV below. The TRV consistently reports lower temperatures near the floor, no surprise there. The 'offset' feature works quite well for that setup.

  • mperedim

    This has been discussed in multiple threads. YMMV, and depending on placement it may vary a lot (a certain TRV had as much as 6C wrong reading when heating; practically it turned off immediately). People have toyed around with various solutions, such as adapters, API to adjust offset, mounting at the top/bottom of the radiator, etc. Having said that the only good fix is buying a wireless temperature sensor.