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heating not turning off when temp reached


Noticed this am that target temp is 21.5 but heating still on at position 2 and temp 22.1.

wired connection. I also waited for 10 mins to see if did turn itself off but no...

seems like something wrong


  • Hello Jamese8,

    A relay control would only allow a precission of +/-0.5ºC, that can be increased if there's a call for heating for a long period, so this screenshot can be a pretty normal behavior. If your boiler is not a relay system, please contact our tech support with the details of the date and times in which you have experienced something like this.

    Best regards,


  • hi

    Many thanks fro your reply.

    could you define for me the meaning of 'relay system'

    This heating over- run is a new thing. Its also noticeable how the boiler demand by tado was not 1 out of three but 2 out of three,



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