Battery Monitor Improvements


As a suggestion, there needs to be better battery level monitoring\reporting between the Tado application and devices.

I have noticed in recent weeks that devices are reporting battery levels as "Good" but then are malfunctioning due to suspected low battery life, which is then confirmed when you re-insert the batteries and the Tado device reports that they need replacing.

There needs to be more dynamic reporting functionality added such as implementing something that will allow the tado app or wireless\wired recievers to regularly poll the Smart Radiator Thermostats to retrieve battery life levels at least once an hour or at the press of an app feature, because you cannot rely on the current in-app battery life reporting, it is flawed.

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  • Fully agree, all batteries are always 'Goed' even if you get the message it needs new batteries!

  • Yeah, the battery level reporting isn't great.... I understand that implementing such reporting will result in higher battery comsumption due to regularly polling the device to retrieve information, but I would prefer that over getting inaccurate reports that the battery is in an OK state only to find after refitting them, which appears to be the only time when a battery level check is done, that the battery needs replacing!

    I mean, thinking outside the box, if battery consumption is a concern for them when it comes to releasing such functionality then why don't they just introduce a feature within the app that allows you to manually poll the device to get live battery information.....? Just an idea!