3rd party temperature sensor support or cheaper add-on temperature sensor

I have multiple tado radiator thermostats, but all of them are a couple of degrees out with the actual temperature. I use an Aqara temperature sensor to measure the actual temperature in the room, further away from my radiator. It would be great if the tado app could use the data of these aqara sensors to measure the temperature.

I am aware of the add-on wirelesse temperature sensor Tado is offering, however these are ridiculous expensive, 90euro, compaired with the 15 euro's I have paid for the aqara temperature sensor.

I don't need a temperature sensor with a screen, I just want one that is as small and as cheap as possible.

So please launch a cheaper temperature sensor or make it possible for 3rd party temperature sensors to feed the data to the tado app.

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  • PhilK
    edited December 2023
    Have you tried the temperature offset feature located in settings. You can adjust the temperature sensor in the radiator valve unit by the difference your room sensor is measuring. E.g. valve temp reading 20 degrees, room sensor you have is reading 18 degrees - reduce the offset feature by 2 degrees. This way you do not need to rely on a room sensor to control the temperature in the room and should compensate fir the difference in the room temperature and the valve temperature. Hope this helps
  • @PhilK yes I am aware of the offset feature, however the problem with the radiator thermostat is, it measure the temperature next to the radiator itself. When I turn on the heating, the radiator thermostat measures an increase in temperature within 15 minutes, however on the other side of the room, it is still the same temperature. Even with the offset feature, it won't improve a lot during the heating process, maybe one when there is a constant temperature for a while.

  • @Mauritsss

    Unfortunately this is a very well known fault in the operation of the tado SRT's .......the Offset feature supplied by tado is no more than a sticking plaster to try to cover up a basic limitation of the tado devices/system........I have replaced all 10 of my tado SRT's with the original "dumb" TRV's and use 1 Wireless Thermostat and 1 Wireless Temperature Sensor at two points within my house. The "dumb" TRV's are set for an appropriate temperature for their specific room. The boiler "flow temperature" is set to 50°C.

    My overnight temperature schedule is set for 17.5°C and my schedules (set identically for the 2 Thermostats) ramp up every hour or so to 20°C and then drop back down to my overnight setback temperature. This is working very efficiently (better than my 3 years of tado usage) and my overall gas usage is down in comparison with12 months ago.......LOW and SLOW works for me.......plus I now have a big box of 12 unused tado SRT's

  • Have you had a look at a new system just released. It seems to do what you are wanting. It is a wireless temperature sensor that you can put anywhere in the room. It interfaces into the Tado system and makes adjustments to achieve actual temperature you set for the room.

  • Has anyone actually seen/fitted/used one of these 3rd party devices.......where are the real time test results ?? 🤔