Simple UI improvements

Great system, nice app. Here are my suggestions on how you could improve the user interface (UI) in the mobile app for better usability and utility.

In order of impact to the experience:

  1. Show humidity readings for each room on the Home view tiles - this would give more utility than the current solution - having to tap down into each room to view the humidity levels. Faster, quicker, easier
  2. Navigation - allow swiping (L-R or R-L) between Room views - this would enable the user to move to the next/previous Room view without returning to the Home view. Currently the only way to do this is: Home screen -> select room -> back to home screen -> Select a different room, which is laborious
  3. Display sparklines for temperatures on the Home View - sparklines are mini graphs that show a 'thumbnail' of recent changes in temperature. This would give the homescreen more utility by showing trends. Essentially a summary of the Room view charts (which are great, but take a few taps to navigate to and from)

Let me know what you think

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