improve Care&Protect by reading bus-codes (OT)

care & protect is currently not reading out bus codes which display the error codes on my heater/boiler (Nefit Proline HRC24 - OpenTherm).

In my recent case this led to low system pressure which I was not aware of and could damage the heater. luckily I found out quite early.

Despite the heating request to the heater, the room temperature did not increase in aprox 2 hours. This should have been picked up by Care&protect due to the anomily for the room characteristics known by Tado.

In that sense C&P has been failing and can be dramatically improved by error-codes compatibility

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  • Care & Protect only works for tado devices showing a fault a boiler fault will not be reported by Care &'s more of a sales gimmick than a useful feature......not worth paying for imho