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Can Smart Radiator Thermostats be set to a permanent closed position ?


I'll soon be installing a tado° Smart Thermostat, bridge, and some Smart Radiator Thermostats.

However, I also soon plan on decorating the living room, which will consist of removing the radiators for removing the wall paper and painting the walls !

The thing is, when I decorated the other rooms in the house, I was able to manually fully close the valves on the radiators before removing them by turning the traditional thermostats to the zero (closed position). Which obviously means that once the radiator is removed, no water leaves the exit of the valves.

So my question is (in the hope to not have unexpected valve openings during the living room decoration phase); are the Smart Radiator Thermostats able to be configured to be set in a 'locked' 'closed' position ?

If it's not possible -- no problem, as I'll just install them once the decorating is finished.

Many thanks!



  • Hi @bobbywise

    The Smart Radiator Thermostats can be set to off, but this is, just like the absolute majority of all traditional radiator thermostats, a frost-protection setting, so the radiator will remain off as long as the temperature remains above 5° inside the room.

    Best regards,


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