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Geofencing and open window detection


I was reading some reviews that version V3+ doesn't offer geofencing and open window detection if don't pay monthly subscription?

I'm using Tado at the moment with old version but I'm just building second house and I was planning to use Tado in new place as well BUT I won't be paying any subscriptions!

Is that true ? If so Tado is on the amazing way of losing customers ...


  • First of all, tado doesnt support multiple houses yet. So you can probably stop right there.

    And yes, its mostly true. Geolocation and open window detection does still work even without subscription, but you have to manually click the button to put the system in home/away mode, or in open window mode (and those buttons are not even available unless the system detect you moved or opened a window, there is no manual override). If you want it to be done automatically, you have to pay the subscription.

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