The Tado is not Smart Enough


I worked on heating systems before the Internet.

Commercial Heating systems used Optimisers.

They were quite complex in operation and learned over time.

But the controls were simple.

It had an outside temperature sensor and an internal temperature sensor as a minimum.

You programmed in occupancy times.

If the outside temperature was very low the heating start time would be brought on early to ensure that the temperature was met during the hours of occupancy.

Conversely if the weather was mild the heating start time would be delayed to stop wastage of energy.

The heating would be reduced/stopped before the temperature was met to prevent "over temperature" and wastage of energy.

The Optimiser would learn and optimise the start times according to the outside temperature.

I am disappointed that the Tado is giving us consistent over temperatures of at least 0.7C wasting energy.

This morning the heating started before the occupancy time in spite of the temperature being less than one degree from the set point.

The Tado has the advantage that it gets not only the local outside temperatures but also has the predicted weather forecast.

This tells me that your team do not understand "optimisation".

Tado can reach out to me and improve this product or else I will contact the Chinese and produce a superior product.

Regarding your Chat Bots. Now in spite of my account being linked to a device that you know all the details of the Chat Bot asked for my serial number to prevent customer enquiries!

That is truly awful.

At the moment your hardware does the job but your software and customer support is pants!

Please can I have the details of the parent Company so I can contact them to get your CEO sacked!

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