Different setting based on who is at home

Firstly, this function may have been mentioned before. I couldn't find it though.

There are 4 of us in the house, me my wife and the two children. All radiators in all rooms have the Tado radiator controls. All 4 of us have access to the app and use location tracking. When just the two of us (my wife and me) are at home, I lack the functionality to be able to turn down the children’s bedroom settings automatically based on their location. As the app knows they are not at home, why can’t the app have different settings depending on who is at home? At present the only location based function is; someone at home: then use the program of settings and when all are away; then set the away setting. You talk about energy savings, but how can two rooms being heated up when the app knows they are not there be energy efficient? This is really basic and surely the app can be expanded to offer more location based functionality / granularity.
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    This has already been suggested under a different guise - home offices. Unfortunately tado no longer monitor this site and this adds to a very long list of requirements!