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I've had a Tado for nearly 3 years. Can anyone tell me when the app became free?

Hi, This is my first question/comment so please go easy on me!

I had a Tado fitted by Homeserve in December 2016 and was told there was a charge for using the app. I paid £3.50 am month for the first year then it went up to £7.

I was looking at changing to a Hive as their app is free and then I discovered the Tado app is now free. I have no idea what I'm paying for (we only have the basic combo boiler set up and thermostat)? I have a feeling I'm being ripped off 😤

We pay to Homeserve and they can't tell us what we're paying for and don't seem to have a record of it but it's them we pay to!!


  • The app is free. You don’t own the thermostat but are renting it from Homeserve under an agreement called Smart Plan. Tado themselves have stopped renting devices and all customers now have to buy the devices outright. Not sure what Homeserve will do if you cancel the Smart Plan - perhaps they ask for the device back, or maybe you get to keep it.

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