Wireless Internet Bridge

This is a super simple idea, and franky it surprises me you haven't done this yet (or have you?), but wouldn't it make sense to have an alternative do the Internet bridge with a wireless antena?

I have my home fairly well covered with a mesh wireless connection, but the fact that you need to have all radiators connected directly to the bridge AND the bridge needs to be wired to a router makes my setup much clunkier than it needs to. I'd gladly pay an extra for a wireless solution.

My suggestion would be to approach it like a wifi mesh extender plugged straight to a power outlet, but instead of repeating the signal it would just connect to a wireless router. Would definitely fit my needs and I'm sure I'm not a singular case.

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  • Are you aware that this is actually the Community Forum for customers/users........and it doesn't have any direct link to tado support......which is where (I think) you are aiming your observation.

  • I was not 😅 Thanks for pointing it out, it was a moment of frustration.

  • With tado.....a "moment of frustration" tends to be a "normal" situation.