Switching between Zone Controller and No Zone Controller/ Universal Switch


Please could you incorporate a universal switch for Zone Controller, so that the user could switch all his TRVs to "No zone controller" and back to the specific Zone Controller with a single toggle button?

Currently, it's really annoying having to go to Settings -- Rooms & Devices -- The name of a TRV -- scroll to the very bottom -- click on Zone Controller option -- switch to "No zone controller" or a choose a specific one. What's more, this process has to be repeated for each TRV. I have ten of them, so it takes around 5 mins to go through the whole process.

Just to note, it's not only an option to use when opening the TRVs for the summer and then connecting them to the zone controller for the winter. I use it to open the TRVs when I use my fireplace that pumps water on its own and the boiler needs to remain shut. I assume it's not just me having this problem.

I would appreciate this feature SO MUCH.

Thank you!


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