Better preseve room temperature

I noticed that tado is not good at keeping a stable room temperature. Instead of turning the heating on in advance while temperature is dropping close the level, it turns on when it’s just below. But that will be too late and thus after some time it increases the power to get the temperature higher which is waste of heating energy and money.

Looking at how fast the temperature is dropping it should be able to turn on level 1 earlier and thus be able to better preserve the temperature instead of needing to go up to level 3 to preserve the temperature
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  • pcone
    pcone ✭✭✭

    I've very much found the opposite - mine is able to maintain +/- 0.1C in most rooms. My boiler is wired for OpenTherm though, so once the house is up to temperature Tado reduces the flow temperature rather than switch on and off

  • We can have different setup in our houses that can affect Tado’s ability to do this correctly and efficiently. Its ability to learn this effectively gets complicated as the many things can affect this such as:

    X if room door is opened or not, or how often door is opened/closed. The temperature outside the door.

    X What’s current temperature of the air blown into the room by the heat exchange ventilation system. This is highly dependent on weather conditions outside - not just the temperature outside.

    X what’s the temperature of influx heat water.

    X different weather conditions is affecting the rooms ability to preserve heat.

    All in all Tado will in reality never learn to adapt itself. At least not in my situation.
  • hugbilly
    hugbilly ✭✭✭

    Although I'm a fan of tadoº and have the company's TRVs on every radiator where they will work in this house (some are beyond the range of the bridge) I think "analogue" conventional TRVs to accomplish better fine temperature control; probably because they have an infinite range of settings between fully open and closed . . .