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Multiple Radiators in Single Room

Before buying Tado e-TRVs, I already had installed NEST to control my boiler. I cannot seem to find a Tado room thermostat which will control, for example, the two Tado trvs in my lounge. I do not want it to control the boiler rather just to turn on/off the rads, room temperature dependent. The Smart Thermostat appears not to do that according to the blurb.


  • Hello samd,

    Yes, you can use the Smart Thermostat just as a temperature sensor for the Smart Radiator Thermostats.

    However, if you're to purchase it anyway, it would be a pity that you miss the benefit of having it controlling the boiler in coordination with the radiators.

    Best regards,


  • samdsamd ✭✭✭

    But that is surely overkill and OTT expensive for such a simple task. So you are confirming there is no Tado simple thermostat I believe.

  • samdsamd ✭✭✭

    Perhaps it would help if I explain the background. I like many others, have a standard schedule for each TRV but the boiler (via Nest) is scheduled NEVER to come on - it only has OFF schedules. The makes just one point of contact for heat in the appropriate places in the house.

    As my Nest is in the hallway - your suggestion would mean my buying two smart thermostats given that the lounge (2 TRVs) is some distance from the hallway. I was hoping for a much cheaper solution

  • Not quite sure what you are trying to do. The Tado smart thermostat is designed to replace an existing thermostat and control the call for heat to the boiler. It is normal to have any other timer in the system set to continuous and then set the smart thermostat timing via the Tado app. Tado smart radiator valve should then control individual room temperatures regardless of the temp where the smart thermostat is. If the room with rad needs heat it will message the smart thermostat to call heat from the boiler even if the room with the smart thermostat doesn’t need heat. This gives complete control over the heat in each room individually and each room can have its own schedule

  • samdsamd ✭✭✭

    Many thanks for your reply. For reasons I wont go into in public, we have many waking nights so our 'get up' time varies day to day quite significantly. Because of this, I have a few rads (Bedroom, Bathroom and kitchen only) set to come on at 0600 daily and off at 0930. My Nest Thermostat has no start schedules so at whatever time we awake, left hand out of bed and turn on the boiler via Nest. I am keeping the Nest Thermostat because it does everything I need.

    My lounge has two Tado eTRVs and they are way off in both temp*and humidity* so I was after a cheapish solution to control both rads via a smart thermometer. The Tado smart Thermo is far too expensive for such a simple task.

    *I have a SensorPush device calibrated for both temp and humidity

  • If you put a Tado room thermostat in the room with 2 TRVs and configure them in the same room they will work together and be controlled by the room thermostat. If you adjust the room temperature they will all adjust together.

    by not setting the Tado smart thermostat to control the boiler though you are missing out on a huge part of the functionality. Even if you don’t want a smart schedule because of different wake times you can still adjust temp using mobile therefore controlling the boiler

  • samdsamd ✭✭✭

    Thanks again but:

    1. I do have a smart schedule for all my eTRVs and that side of things works well.
    2. I am very happy with all the functionality of Nest such as geofencing etc and Tado gives me nothing extra to meet my needs.
    3. The fault is the significant discrepancy twixt real temperature and that 'calculated' by the radstats. The plain fact is that temp offset does not work in a linear fashion. Offset adjustments, say at max set room temp, will marry up at that temperature but be wildly apart at lower temps. I presume that Tado logic includes some calculations to include time elapsed at a given water temp to calculate room temp. Whatever the situation, £99 is very expensive for a 'dumb' thermostat.
  • He is not missing out on much, given that he has a nest, which IMO is far superior as a thermostat. At least it works without internet access, and it doesnt let you jump through hoops to switch between home and away mode. At it shows stuff on its display. Imagine that.

    The issue is nest doesnt have smart TRVs. But the OP doesnt seem interested in that, he is using the tado TRV as simple timer thermostats, that are grossly inaccurate and unable to be integrated with other smart devices.

    SAMD, if I where you, I would return the tado's. Get a simple timer thermostat, until one day either nest compatible TRVs come out, or you switch everything to something new.

    Alternatively, you could buy another TRV that you dont mount on the radiator, but somewhere in the middle of the room, and use that as room thermometer. If you assign multiple TRVs to the same room, you can select one that is "master". At least thats how it works in combination with the hub and thermostat, standalone, Im not 100% sure. Since you have 2, you could try. When not mounted, they are quite accurate (but still way too expensive for a simple sensor device).

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