Comfort setting rather than temperature

As an option, why do we need to set a temperature at all? Why don't we set air comfort instead. I really couldn't care what the temperature is per room, the figure is irrelevant to me, I just want it to be "pleasant" in each room. Given the temperature to achieve "pleasant" can change depending on humidity etc it would be far easier if we could set a room to pleasant and tado did the rest from their accounting for humidity and it's usual use of weather forecasting etc. not saying manual settings should be removed but for the lazy amongst us letting tado adjust to a "pleasant" "air comfort" setting than sticking to an arbitrary number on a temperature gauge would be adventitious then you can adjust up and down depending on your preference and tado will then work to achieve that "pleasant" setting every time
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  • johnnyp78
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    You’ve described what a weather compensation system does - maybe that would be a better fit for you?
  • samd
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    Johnny may well be correct in his response but humidity for a home is not JUST about weather. Many rooms in a house have different functions which produce vastly different levels of RH. cf if you must a bathroom against a lounge full of smokers! We must also not forget it's RH not H i.e. humidity relative to temperature to make the reverse computation more complex.

    All that said, I find it the easiest of tasks to set a comfortable temp for any room and given the multitude of 'years in the waiting' important changes we have accumulated on here, I couldn't spare a vote for this - sorry!

  • Tado will not spend any "energy" in changing their operational ethos.........and I suspect that they don't have the appropriate technical support staff to achieve tado are not exactly showing any enthusiasm for any change requested.