Some Suggestions


Tadoº Ecosystem

  1. Ability to use AC thermostat as a sensor to give temperature readings to radiator valves or the radiator thermostats (this is a big turn down). 

On the App (iOS)

  1. System: Ability to add shortcuts to iOS system, allowing to activate Boost Heating, Resume Schedule, Turn Off All, more easily.  
  2. Geofencing: ability to detect only the connection to a given wifi, thus saving battery by relying mainly on location system services. 
  3. Home screen: Separate rooms into sections. Ability to have an AC thermostat controller in the same room as a radiator valve.
  4. Home screen: Show expenses estimates indicators. 
  5. Home screen: Show feedback when the boiler is on or off.
  6. Ability to add scenes of preconfigured values for each device.
  7. iOS App crashes a lot.

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