Feature request: consider central heating schedules

Hi there,

I live in an apartment block with a central heating boiler. It does not run 24/7. There is a schedule that can vary every year or on special circumstances.

I believe this is a very common situation in Spain, maybe not so much in other countries.

So I cannot have the heating on at any time I choose, but only within the agreed schedule.

I would very much like to be able to tell my Tado thermostats about this. In this manner, maybe our Tado system would even be able to "overheat" some rooms, to create some thermal inertia that could cover for later times when I want the room warm but the central heating is not available.

A simple "scheduled central heating" checkmark ✔️ somewhere and an additional time schedule for this setting would be quite helpful.

I am certain this topic would have been mentioned earlier but I am unable to find any such suggestion on this forum. Sorry if this is a repeat Q.

As for the rest, quite happy with the system, works flawlessly. I only missed some adaptors for our valves -Orkli are not included in the standard pack - but once I found them somewhere else, all is quite satisfactory.

Keep up with the great work.

Kind regards from Spain!
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