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Hi just installed my wired v3+ very easy instal and instantly impressed. One suggestion would be to have the option to keep the temp display always on so you don't have to press everytime to view current temp.
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  • Csabah
    That would be great, but would massively compromise the battery life. I was thinking the same at the beginning, but now after two weeks of installing I didn't even look the temp display. I have tado radiator thermostat each room. Once you setup all rooms and schedule, geofencing active, I only use my phone to monitor and change temperature if needed. I only can advise the installation of individual room smart radiator valves...
  • Andy71
    edited April 26

    I just bought the tado v3 to replace my nefit easy, which died. Honesly, I assumed this would have an always on display especially since it 'could' use the boiler as a power source. In any case, there are ways to achieve this, even using battery. For example, the nefit easy has a display which is off by default, but would detect motion in front of it, and turn on when motion was detected. The display does not need to be on when nobody is around.

  • rafm5
    rafm5 Volunteer Moderator

    I am sure you can get used to it :-)

    Just like not showing the % battery level on your phone. It is odd at first, but after a while it is an absolutely unnecessary option.