Allow rooms to be excluded from the 'Boost" option


I already contacted TADO support and had this conversant with the support agent, they advised me to create a query here as an "Enhancement Request"

Basically, my scenario is; I have a large house and my kids would usually go to school between 7am and 5pm, I personally stay in to work from home along with my Mrs.

When I ask to "boost" (either via the TADO APP, or by talking to Google-Assistant) the system would boost the entire house including the rooms that I don't need, this wastes Energey and is a little counter-productive.

My request to is to have the APP to allow some rooms to be "excluded" from boost (by changing a room setting), or perhaps adding an additional "boost selected" button to help with this.

As I installed other products in the past; such a functionality already exists with some other providers, not sure why TADO does not have this yet.

I hope I am making sense, ... Please get back to me if you require any further details.

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  • samd
    samd ✭✭✭

    Please explain why you want to use the Boost function on a daily basis rather than a schedule to meet your requirements. I have to say, given the huge amount of backlog of really important feature requests that are years outstanding with no sign of progress, this is way at the back of the queue for me.

  • GrayDav4276

    Sorry to say that I agree with @samd .....given the obvious lack of interest from tado in dealing with the current outstanding requests, that are in some cases many years old........I simply cannot see tado doing anything with this fact tado has applied their newest form of delay tactic, which is to ask the OP to open a request for other customers to vote on.......shame on you tado.