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Please add a function for multiple profiles for heating schedules based on 1 week of heating schedules being different to another week of heating schedules based on work patterns etc . I know there is the geo fencing function but that relies on people having that opinion turned on. In my experience younger members of the family do not have the tado heating app on their phones so geo fencing doesn’t work as it should, changing a heating schedule profile would be an easy way to alter the heating all at the same time. Thank you
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  • dazfitzg

    Sorry, I agree with Silverwulfx. Having multiple heating profiles would be a game changer. I don't see how we already have three separate schedules. I see only two profiles, Home and Away; sure, you can set different schedules for different days, but that is not what the OP is requesting.

    Use case

    I work from home most of the time, and as such, I would prefer to have a profile which only heats the parts of the house I use regularly; the rest of the house can be on a set-back temperature until the rest of the family comes home from school.

    During school holidays, when everyone is at home (my wife is a teacher, so she is also at home), I would prefer to have a different profile with different set-points for rooms I don't normally use.

    I may also want a Summer schedule, which will predominantly control only the hot water, leaving the heating off.

    Over Christmas, when we had guests, I overrode my normal profile by abusing the Away profile, which allowed me to set a higher temperature than I would normally have set. It was like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut; I just had to remember to return it to the Home profile to restore the heating.

    I have considered using integrations like IFTT to fake a profile by changing the set points on a schedule, but then I lose the early start functionality, which ensures my underfloor heating has time to reach its desired temperature.

    I can't see the difference between having one profile and multiple inactive profiles, this could be implemented as a set of profile templates, allowing you to change all the rooms in the Home profile in bulk to a different template. Once set, you can make changes to the Home profile without affecting the stored template; you should also be able to save the Home profile as a new template or replace an existing template. There is already functionality to copy/paste individual and room schedules from one day/room to another, this could reuse much of that functionality.

  • samplay

    There are currently 3 schedules available for each room, indeed.

    However, having a notion of heating profiles would take this a lot further:

    • 1 click changes schedules in all rooms at once
    • Even better if we can schedule it: a 2nd click/input sets the change of schedule for a set period of time, before going back to the standard / main profile.
    • Clearly name what profile means what (Kids on Holiday profile: and you do not heat the kids' bedrooms & kitchen and lounge will heat later than usual, for example, or Autumn vs Winter profiles)

    My opinion: having a notion of Profiles that can update all schedules at once would be a game changer!

  • GNWallace
    I agree, I too want profiles. Winter heating is different from spring/autumn and summer. I am forever changing my heating as seasons change. Using the days of the week profiles/schedules as some say is not practical as I use this feature to control heating depending on days.