Away until

When I say I'm going away, it would be helpful if it let me say until...

Eg I'm away - but I'll be back 2pm on Tuesday 7th. It might pop up or email me 24 hours before and let me change that prediction

I would then return home to a warm home with maximum energy reduction - not one that started heating when I got within a mile!

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  • You always have the option to turn it on again manually via the App......I know that's not automatic.....but it is an option.
  • Agreed! That's how I do it normally - but still forget to do it at the right time half the time!

    And think what an obvious feature this would be every time!

    People would be much happier turning it down if they knew it would be warm when they got back!
  • I love this idea, the amount of times I tell the partner to preemptively set the hearing back to “home” when returning from a long weekend trip or something, it would be very useful