Setting for degree of valve opening +/- smart opening relation to number of active zones


When valves open a tiny amount in a single zone they are noisy I would like to be able to set a minimum opening value. This would largley solve the issue but i'll go into it in more detail as I have a more elegant solution as well.

I have tado valves on every radiator and if only a few zones are calling for heat then the pump is pushing all the flow through only those radiators. The resulting flow rate in the radiators is high and with the valve only s tiny bit open it makes alot of noise.

Also a side effect of the small valve opening is the return temperature rises slower so the boiler runs for a longer time than required.

There is an opportunity to be much more clever in how this happens. In a home with say 12 valves the system should recognise if it calls for heat in 2 zones it should open the valves fully to allow for the systems flow throughput. If it calls for all 12 it can control them in 3 stages. If it calls for 6 zones it opens them in just the two higher stages.

Hopefully that explanation of the idea makes sense.

At the very least a minimum valve opening value would be a great start.

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  • The hardware is pretty good in my experience so far. It's just a pity the software has so little adjustment. A little bit more functionalty in the api would allow me to solve it. But I do think for the wider success of the system having it do that would make people reccomend it more as it wouldnt be cause so much radiator noise.