Installing V3+ Wireless on Prokera ProCombi A28 Boiler - boiler wont turn on


I have installed all the components as per the set up guide and all systems working as per the app, but the boiler wont turn on. Have tested the power cable etc and there is power running into it, and fuses all ok. I tried to retrace my steps and wire up as original and now it wont turn on either. Not sure if safety feature of boiler or if ive wired it up incorrectly.

First picture is before and second is with attached to the receiver

Any help appreciated, Thanks!


  • policywonk

    Hi. The link here is the manual for that boiler methinks PROCOMBI_A_inst_20004333.p65. On page 23, figure 40, is- I believe- the wiring you need. It describes itself as a Protherm connection.

    I cannot tell from your photos, the connections made with the two wires on the left side of the chocolate strip connector. Where precisely did you wire them in your Tado thermostat? Given it is a protherm connection I dont see why the Neutral cable is needed at all. The Live to Wago connector is a red herring AFAIK for now. What should be happening (I believe) is a connection being made by the thermostat between the two wires on the left of that chocolate strip. Would you clarify how the other end of that cable presents at the thermostat? Or alternatively, you could test this out, simply run a bridge between those two leftmost wires and see if it fires the boiler. If it does, the remaining problem is purely a question of the points where those wires end up in the thermostat.