Which has priority



I'm a newbie at this and I have what may potentially be a stupid question, but here goes.

I have on my system 2no. smart room stats and 8no. smart TRVs. All this is connected to my Worcester Greenstar Heatslave II oil fired boiler.

I have left my original Worcester Comfort II RF roomstat and integral receiver in place and just switched the existing heating control to permanently on and set the room stat to a reasonable 22 degrees.

My Tado controller is wired to the boiler input relay ( the one that is usually linked out ).

My question is, which control system has priority? If the original room stat thinks the house is warm enough, will the tado controller, via the relay connection, override this and fire the boiler or will the request for heat from the Tado be ignored until the existing control system sees the room stat drop below 22 degrees?

Hope this makes sense

Thanks in advance



  • policywonk
    This seems to be a matter of the boiler's motherboard logic. Suggest you call their tech support team and ask them.