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I run a couple of thermostats on my district heating system. The water temperature to the radiators is controlled by a PI-regulator, that does a good job. However, the Tado thermostats seems in daily operation to make quite dramatic changes to the waterflow through them, which means I see dramatic water temperarure spikes. With a steady state and a setpoint of say 58 deg C, spikes reach around 12-13 degrees higher or lower, which is then brought back to the setpoint by the regulator.

I have the idea, that this is much more than previously….and I have not made any major changes to the system?

From a regulation point of view, a stable system, where actuators (thermostats) regulate in smaller increments are beneficial, but I also understand, that a battery operated thermostat, for battery life consideration, benefit from fewer actuations.

Is the a way for me to make the regulation steps of the Tado thermostat smaller, please?

If not, then a suggestion to implement an adjustable parameter for this.

kind rgds


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  • Neros
    Neros ✭✭

    I agree.

    I have direct district heating with water entering the radiators at 72 degrees. Even at the lowest setting on the thermostat the water exits at 52 degrees, and I am required to cool the water at least 40 degrees. Only my underfloor heating saves me from being fined.

    A setting to have much smaller increments is just what I need.