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Dear Forum Community,

This forum was created to help users solve their problems, questions, and to make the most out of their tado°.

We want to keep the atmosphere constructive, so we ask that you follow these basic rules.

We look forward to interesting comments, conversations, and discussions. To make sure that everyone feels comfortable around here, we would like you to keep certain rules in mind:

-You are responsible for the content of your post. Please make sure that your comment does not violate or infringe any laws or rights, such as copyright or freedom from discrimination.

-We appreciate constructive criticism and lively debates, as long as the tone remains friendly, respectful, and fair.

-Please make sure the topic you’re commenting on relates to the thread. Off topic messages will be deleted for clarity of the information. Feel free to open a new thread for these topics. We kindly recommend searching first as your question may have already been answered.

-We review posts and reserve the right to delete them if they contain any offensive, abusive, or discriminative content, as well as advertisements or paid content. Any otherwise unlawful or inappropriate content will be deleted and / or reported accordingly.

-The forum is intended to facilitate an exchange between users. We may not directly answer every question, but will do our best to moderate the content to foster a constructive atmosphere. We therefore reserve the right to sin-bin or even suspend a user.

If you have an urgent inquiry, please feel free to contact us through our support chat at

Kind regards,

your tado° forum Mods and Admins

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