EnergyIQ: Reminder Notification Preferences


Hopefully not the biggest amount of work for this one:
It would be nice to be able to define “when” you want to get notified from Tado to submit an energy reading. For weekly notifications it could be specifying a day of week, for monthly a day of month, for quarterly or yearly selecting an initial date that automatically gets + 3 months or +1 year added to for notifications.

The reason this would be useful is my energy supplier always want an energy reading on the last day of the month, so this is when I supply my readings to them, but Tado notifies me in the middle of the month, two weeks before my supplier. Rather than keep reading the meter outside (it’s not a smart meter) it would be nice to align my prompts and submit my meter readings to both Tado and my energy supplier at the same. I do this anyway manually, but it just means the Tado reminder is useless to me in its current form.

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