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Electric UFH and Boiler - with wired thermostat controllers

Hi - I am trying to ascertain if our system is compatible with Tado and if I need to replace all the wired thermostats

We have an electric underfloor heating system with a wired digital control panel for hot water and underfloor heating

We have thermostats in 5 rooms

We only require to control one thermostat that controls all the underfloor heating as we either want it all on / off at a certain temperature

We have no other heat source

See pictures

If it is compatible - do I need to replace every thermostat or can I simply remove the other 4 and leave 1 ?

Any help much appreciated - would love to get this installed asap if possible !



  • I think you need to remove all 5 and put the Tado stat in the room you want. You then have to link all 5 systems to the extension kit. the extension kit will also handle your hot water,

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