Heating Activity - Real Time


Whilst "Heating Activity" is good at showing which zone/room is currently heating, what is not in anywhere near real time is the Total Today value.

It will sometimes take hours before the Total Today time changes when I know the heating has been on for more than the total of 11 minutes it has kept telling me..

I may be crazy but I find this annoying. It could at least update / refresh when I open Care & Protect.

That way I have control over how long my heating is on for, not just control over the temperatures / zones / TRVs etc. with scheduling.

This would be a useful feature for people who want to have more control over their spending and those who wish to use less gas to reduce fossil fuel usage.

Surely this is a simple fix as the data exists in the app already? Surely everyone loves real time data?

Or just me..

Regards all,
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