Is this normal?


Hello, I’m about to install the Tado wireless receiver, but it looks like the old Honeywell controller is directly installed on top of the junction box. Is this normal will it complicate the installation? Thank you

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  • wateroakley
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    The Tado wireless receiver cable entry is at the bottom. Option 1: Mount the Tado wireless receiver above the white junction box; bring the wires out of the top of the white box to the Tado receiver; and safely blank off the existing hole). Without knowing how much slack there is in the cables it's hard to know if you can do that; or perhaps it'll need a short length of cable to pick up of the connections in the white box?

    Option 2: We always think that the heating controller should be easily accessible. That's so that you can see what's happening with the lights, and get to the buttons if needed. Use a connection box above/adjacent to the white box and fit the Tado wireless receiver outside the cupboard. E.g. we moved the location of the old Honeywell controller, from the boiler cupboard to the study, by using a cheap 5-way box from screwfix (as the connection point) and extended the wiring with a length of 5-way cable to the receiver. Examples below.

    If in doubt, best to consult a qualified professional.


  • GrayDav4276
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    If you're concerned about it, use a qualified electrician.