Fault detection if no temperature change detected

If a room has an temperature increase demand but there is no change in temperature for a given time period a warning should be triggered by Tado.

My boiler has an issue that it needs resetting
Every soften
I only find out after an hour so after i get cold. That the system is not working.
But the Tado ‘care & protect’ tab says no fault has been detected.

Can a algorithm be added, to thecare and protect part of the software , that tiggers if a room temperature change is not as demanded

The software should be able to learn what the expected temperature curve is for a certain room. If it falls out side of the expected curve it should trigger a reminder or warning.

It makes the system so much smarter
Because now my boiler sometimes does not work at all and it says everything is glorious and no faults have been detected.
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  • Bgrovep
    I completely agree. Also for catching errors with overheating. I had one radiator using a month worth of energy in three days. A notification would have been nice.
  • policywonk

    Ditto. I live in a large property and for reasons which baffle me the Rad stats and Wired stats confirm, in many rooms, that even though the room has exceeded the set temp by more than 2 degrees cent, there has been no improvement in control. A similar problem happens in some other rooms where the rooms dont actually achieve set temperature sometimes. This can be a balancing issue, but given that all the stats are tado, nothing is independent, the deviation from required temps is significant. There needs to be an improved handling of each room's temperature curve.