How to heat mostly with an AC and continuously for a little bit with floor heating


I have the Tado Smart Thermostat, for my floor heating and the AC control, for my airconditioning.

The AC is more efficient (and doesn't use gas), but the downside is that the floor feels cold, because the floor heating turns off (temperature reached). Having cold feet is not that comfortable.

How can I continuously use the floor heating during set times, while not consuming much energy and for the bigger part use the AC for heating?

Does this require a modification to my heating system? Or can this be achieved through Tado?


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    Hello @Hipkip90,

    Thank you for posting in the community forum 🙂
    This previous conversation may be of interest to you.

    Additionally, the Smart AC Control communicates directly via Infrared with your AC, which means it functions differently than tado° heating products. As a result, you can’t have a Smart AC Control in a room in the app with any other tado° devices.

    So, you can control both cooling and heating via the same tado° app, you just have to keep each Smart AC Control in a separate room. If you have a Smart AC Control and other tado° heating devices installed in the same physical room in your house, please be aware that they’ll work independently of each other.