How to avoid thermostat battery depletion when away for long periods?



When I leave home for several days I usually switch off my internet router and the tado bridge. Then, when I am back, it is usual that some smart radiator thermostat issue a low battery notification, even when the batteries are quite new.

I found this support article where it is explained that if the Internet Bridge is disconnected, the batteries will deplete much faster, I suppose because the thermostat is continuously trying to connect to the bridge without success, so this explains my issue.

The article also mentions to keep the router on to avoid this battery depletion, but I would like to know if someone in this community is certain about this.

I would like to switch off everything when I am away for long periods, but as extracting the batteries from every thermostat is too much, and switching off the Internet Bridge is not a good option, may I at least switch off my internet router without battery problems?

Thank you.



  • policywonk
    Got around this by installing very high storage capacity in rechargeable batteries. Note that they mainly use trv batteries when opening a radiator. So drop the temps on every room when away.