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Tado X and EveHome Thermo?


I am not seriously suggesting anyone do this but the new Tado X range raises an interesting possibility. I would be more interested in knowing this is possible as a sign of Tado being truly open and fully Thread/Matter compatible than actually doing it.

What am I referring to?

Tado X uses the Thread wireless standard. It also will soon(ish) support Matter. The Tado X range includes a smart Thermostat, a smart TRV and a smart heat pump controller.

The interesting possibility is that thanks to the use of Thread and Matter it should in theory be possible to mix these with other Thread and Matter heating products such as the EveHome Thermo smart TRV.

I suspect that even after Tado add official Matter support the best one could hope for would be to combine them in scenes via Home, Samsung Smartthings or other platform.

As far as I can see it would be possible for Tado to go further and allow mixing these within the Tado app as this is the whole point of using Thread and Matter. Whether Tado do this is another matter. As a comparison Apple Home, Samsung Smarthings, Google Assistant, do to varying degrees. Matter 1.2 and 1.3 have also added improved Thread networking support to make it easier for different Thread brands to be linked as now it is possible to exchange the credentials between different Thread networks and Border Routers.

One possible use case is the fact that EveHome range only has a TRV and no equivalent to the Tado X Wired Thermostat, if someone had already got some of the EveHome Thermo TRVs they could 'upgrade' their setup with a Tado X Thermostat or heat pump controller.