Hive to Tado wireless v3+

Looking for some help as I have ordered Tado v3+ wireless kit and want to make sure the wiring is correct that I have in my head.


  • chenry
    I have attached the wiring that’s on Hive and have a Logic Ideal combo boiler. Can anyone confirm which wires go in which on the Tado
  • chenry
    In my head it goes like:

    Blue live wires to new live Tado
    Brown N to Tado N
    1 on hive to CH com Tado
    3 on hive to CH no Tado

    Does this makes sense to anyone?
  • SteveIreland

    When you receive the kit, you will scan the QR Code on the product via the Tado app. The app will then aske a series of questions which will then guide you through the fitting process.

    If its an unusual setup, the app will send the information to the Tado specialists and they will respond with the information you need.

    There is absolutely no need to guess at anything.