Brötje WHBS 22 D

Does the tado x work with the Brötje WHBS 22D? The predecessor V3+ did not communicate correctly with the hot water preparation


  • Emcee
    Emcee Admin

    Hello @mrkvik

    Looking through our documentation, it appears Brötje WHBS 22 boiler controller should technically be compatible with V3+. For a full compatibility check, please contact our support team.

    Whether or not it is compatible with tado° X I cannot say definitively at this juncture seeing as our Wireless Receiver X will only hit the market in autumn. Best would be to check again with tado° support at that juncture.

  • mrkvik
    Hi, can you tell me if the Brötje HWBS 22D is fully compatible with the V3+ system or will it be X? I actually had the V3+ on trial and had a problem with the hot water control. The thermostat always heated the water to the maximum value and did not respect the setting value. Thank you