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Procedure for replacing wireless thermostat


I always find it difficult with Tado to find a defined procedure for fixing the usual kind of faults that happen. In this case, I just had to replace a wireless thermostat that had stopped working (Tado Support's response was first surprise that it had stopped working and then 'buy a new one').

However, when I received the new unit, I had the devil's own job connecting it into my existing Tado installation, as the 'Start' QR code supplied with the new unit does pretty much nothing. The actual process to add the new wireless thermostat is not difficult, except that it is when you don't know how and there are no easy instructions taking you through the WHOLE process! Also, when Tado adds this new wireless thermostat, it automatically creates a new room but there is no easy way of copying the (complex) schedule you had previously set up, and if you subsequently remove the old, broken wireless thermostat, it deletes the old schedule it was attached to completely.

So, where are the comprehensive procedures for doing things that will happen to everyone, and that include all of the things are are likely to not work during the process? Every time I have a problem with Tado, I waste hours fixing something that should be really easy and let's face it, all Tado users will come across such failures many times.