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AC is ON or OFF??

In a Hotel, when I open the TADO app, I whould like to see if the AC’s are ON or OFF. Is it possible?
When I open the app, the AC’s are always OFF, even when it are making cold.


  • Emcee
    Emcee Admin

    Hello @pedroaparicio,

    I can think of 2 possible reasons this is occuring:

    1- You are using Thermostat Mode
    In this case, your AC is turning OFF to maintain the temperature you set. So although your AC is OFF, your home is still being cooled. This means there is nothing wrong with the functioning of your Smart AC Control sytem.


    2- Your device is having connectivity problems
    If your app shows that your Smart AC Control has no remote access/is offline, please read this Help Center article to find out how to fix this.

    Having had a look at your account, it doesn't seem like your deices have any connectivity issues. So I think the most likely answer is the Thermostat Mode.