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I know Tado can look at the background information on which device called for heat. Is there a way that a general log can be created and viewed in the Tado app. So if one room calls from heat and it's shown on a log, if another room detects window open, it still reports on the same log in a time order. Same goes for any faults, communication issues etc.....
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  • Emcee
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    Hello @B3CK377

    Thank you for your suggestion 🙂 It's been noted and will be brought up during the next product planning meeting.

    To expand a little bit on what tado° employees are able to see, it's quite rudimentary and ugly. tado° employees get special training on how to navigate the data because it is unintuitive. We certainly wouldn't offer customers the same visualization as it would most likely be more confusing than anything else. But, I think it could benefit tado° employees and customers if a more 'usable' log were available.

  • pcone
    pcone ✭✭✭

    This information is available via the Tado API. I have mine connected to Home Assistant, and use this to monitor temperature, humidity, calls for heat, connectivity issues, etc. Helped me troubleshoot some issues I was having, and been happy with Tado since