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Replacing wired programmer with extension kit

We think our wired programmer is broken and want to replace it with a Tado extension.

We have the Tado thermostat downstairs, a Vaillant eco Tec 831 combi boiler with a Honeywell programmer for timing heating.

The Honeywell programmer is currently wired to the boiler and to our old wired thermostat (now removed).

Should we remove the wiring for the old thermostat from the extension back box?

At the moment Tado are telling us that they don't have instructions for us to install it due to the configuration we have.



  • Hi, I understand, but don't know for sure that you take the wiring from your boiler that went to your old wired thermostat and hot water programmer to an extension kit. This is then the brain that links all other devices to your system.

    I am currently waiting for TADO to come back to me with the wiring connections for a very simple set up. Combi Boiler and Wired Tado Stat chaning to a Wired Extension Kit and the same TADO Stat.

    Seems to be proving a challenge for them.

    Good luck

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