multi radiator room

I've just installed a Tado system to run heating and hot water for the house and all is working fine.

However, as part of the system we have installed, we have one large-ish room which has two radiators, each of has been fitted with a a Tado Smart TRV (so two in total in that room). Is it possible to pair them so that they work together to reach the same temperature in that room? Or should we just leave them to run separately but with the same temperature set independently on each?




  • Thanks - will try that.

  • @GrilledCheese

    If you have to ask Tado to configure this on your behalf it indicates that their software and user interface is at fault since a proper design would let the user do this themselves.

    I therefore hope Tado are reading this and take action to improve this.

    I do have a room that will require this so thanks for the information.