Is a Home and Away Toggle Under Active Development?


Is anyone from Tado able to confirm or deny if a manual toggle for the Home and Away mode is on the development roadmap?  I accept that as I am using V3, I will have to pay for geofencing. However, if a toggle is not under development then I will probably look at an alternative product.


  • Vertigo

    The buttons already exist. Really, they do. Its just that they are hidden whenever our geolocation status hasnt changed, they only appear as we leave or re-enter the house. So development would be little more than deleting a few lines of code that currently hide those buttons. This is not a development resource issue, the conclusion has to be that tado doesnt want us to have those buttons. Probably because they might be more convenient than "auto assist" for many users?

  • Of that is indeed the case, why not make it a feature of "auto assist" ?
  • Clark

    It would be good to understand tado's position on this as it seems to being left for the community to guess what it happening. I have been looking through the forum and noticed a large number of requests for this function either from people away needing to switch the heating on for guests or baby sitters or people within the home zone but not in the house (eg in a workshop or garden). If there are that many users wanting it surely adding it as a feature to the paid subscription features is a no brainer its a wanted function maybe more wanted than auto assist .

  • Dem
    Yes, but Tado do not care about what the users want.
    I have very often had an issue when I am home, but Tado thinks I am away and I can not heat the home unless going to each room and manually change the temp. Very frustrating. My phone is setup correctly without any background battery management etc. Also many times it would show me home, set the mode to home, the temps are set high in all the rooms, but the system does not ask for heal from the boiler. Many times a smart valve or thermostat will drop the connection to the bridge, even the bridge and the device are in the same room, two feet away from each other with nothing in between. This are all issues with Tado servers, but guess what, they will NEVER admit!