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Does OpenTherm allow the radiators to heat a room quickly?

I have just had a new boiler installed and was planning to get my existing Tado (extension kit, room thermostat and smart TRVs) hooked up to it via OpenTherm rather than relay. My installer cautioned that other clients of his (not using Tado) found that using OpenTherm resulted in their radiators being always lukewarm and not very good at quickly heating a room when needed. I assume that Tado solves this problem and if I were to turn up the thermostat in a room a long way, it would set a high temperature to heat the room quickly, but I would be grateful for others’ experiences before having it rewired.

Many thanks.


  • Its not perfect but I dont see it as an issue. The AI for tado is not perfect, but it will put the radiators on one of 3 heats depending on the differential, so if there is a lot of heat to generate to get the room up the flow will be higher.

    This issue I have is tado does not have a setting to enable or disable open therm, which would be good A to ensure its using it, but B to compare and comtrast. It also does not allow you to confirgure the different flow temps.

    In short I would not be worried about it, and your energy bill should save as a result, but sure this can be improved but it doesnt put me off tado

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