Underfloor heating and boiler control

Is it possible to use a single controller to connect both to a boiler control and underfloor heating at the same time. I.e. it can call for heat from the boiler and also turn the underfloor (electric heat mat) heating on for the room?

The connections are both there, but unsure if it will cause any issue using them at the same time?


  • I think it depends on what you want to do.

    As far as I remember, tado Smart Thermostat can be configured either to use the relay OR digital communication.

    If you want to control the pump via a relay and communicate with the boiler via the digital connectors (e.g. using OpenTherm) you need to buy an extension kit for that.

    But, if you want to use the relay to control both the boiler and a pump - you need to make a custom control for that. It depends on the available wiring, way of control and available space for additional electronics.

  • @dnvt The underfloor kit is electric, so I was guessing that the tado controller would switch the relay for the individual zone it controls regardless of the opentherm connection and hence I could use both but have not tried it as I dont want it to blow up.

    Its working fine for opentherm (main controller) at the moment but also is the controller for a tado TRV in the same room. Would love if when it turn on the TRV it would also kick the floor mat relay on.