Add the ability to set schedules for zones, keeping the individual devices as rooms, therefore seeing the temp and humidity for each area but controlling as a single schedule.

Currently, you can an add multiple devices as a single room, setting a device as the master however you loose the visibility of what the measurements on the slave devices read (radiator sensors as an example)

This would allow you the choice to have a single zone I.e downstairs running as a single schedule, but maintain individual areas for other parts of the house.
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  • Agree. Even the possibility to duplicate a schedule from one room to another. I now have 6 Tado TRV’s and have had to individually set schedules for each. Adding time blocks, setting temps etc.

    Admittedly they aren’t all the same but if I were able to copy a schedule from one room to the next it would have made the process a lot simpler to just tweak a temp or time slot here and there.
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