Add the ability to set schedules for zones, keeping the individual devices as rooms, therefore seeing the temp and humidity for each area but controlling as a single schedule.

Currently, you can an add multiple devices as a single room, setting a device as the master however you loose the visibility of what the measurements on the slave devices read (radiator sensors as an example)

This would allow you the choice to have a single zone I.e downstairs running as a single schedule, but maintain individual areas for other parts of the house.
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  • benpb1
    Agree. Even the possibility to duplicate a schedule from one room to another. I now have 6 Tado TRV’s and have had to individually set schedules for each. Adding time blocks, setting temps etc.

    Admittedly they aren’t all the same but if I were able to copy a schedule from one room to the next it would have made the process a lot simpler to just tweak a temp or time slot here and there.
  • Matijas

    That would be great 1+ for me too

  • jay_5518


  • DanPhD


    Grouping functionality is essential!

    Currently we do this with Alexa, but this is only good for "turn upstairs on/off". When setting smart schedules it is still frustrating having to do the same schedule for each and every room.

  • Huxster
    I’m surprised that a feature as basic as this still hasn’t been added after 2 years. Sadly, I’m finding that the inability to control zones too inefficient to justify keeping Tado. I have 12 TRVs. By limiting control individually Tado gives us three choices (a) wasted energy, due to leaving more on than needed (b) cold house, due to leaving more off when required (c) constantly needing to fiddle with the settings. This renders Tado obsolete once you have more than a handful of TRVs. It forces us to do the very opposite of what we want. I’d be better off without smart TRVs. Sadly, I’m now in process of selling of my Tado system.