Compatibility of my current setup,.

Hello we are about to purchase a TADO system with :

1 x Smart Thermostat

4 x Smart Radiator Thermostat

We have the following questions :

1.- Heating system compatibility :

Boiler : BAXI 28/28 F

Programmer : Saunier Duval (Unknown model) Uses a 2 x 1.5V Bateries and closes a RELE 250VAC to the Boiler.

Current Radiator Thermostats : Giacomini.

2.- Internet Bridge :

We would like to integrate your solution with another levels of domotic automatization , can we use another Internet Bridge based on an open standards : Open Hab, MainFlux, Hassio?

In the case we can only use TADO Internet bridge, can we access the cloud data using an API ? , there is an open API to interact wirh TADO products?

3.- All devices Smart Thermostat , Smart Radiator Thermostat have temperature and humidity sensors , can we access this data directly or through a cloud API ?

4.- High availability :

What happens if internet connetivity fall down? Is the data stored locally? , Where ? it's accesible? Device programming will be still operative?

5.- Power consume :

What are the power consume for all devices? , are battery powered? , what is the medium batery life for all devices?

Thank you in advance for your answers .-

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